‘Powered by future thinking, Compelled by technology, and Driven by interdependent

Partnerships, Global Connect Pro is re-defining finance with pioneering models”.

Secure funding is the key goal practice at Global Connect Pro. The simple application process connects you with the global marketplace of 50 + lenders who bid for your loan. The Financing Specialist at Global Connect Pro assists you through the process to get you more offers and better terms.

Unlike other private financiers, Global Connect Pro doesn’t charge any referral fee or application fee. Even the interest rate calculated annually is the lowest in and around the surrounding financial market. "Loan processing time at Global Connect Pro is 24-48 hrs compared to 5-7 days of other Private Financiers across the country." If you wish to terminate/foreclose your loan before the allotted time period of loan re-payment, Global Connect Pro readily helps you to do the same on the same day, without charging a single extra Dime from you.

A business loan from private financiers are divided into many types, like, is the loan is for health, education or anything like this. While applying, and after the approval, you will be in the strict watch list of private financier & you will be closely monitored for any changes in your lifestyle, whereas Global Connect Pro sanctions the loan without even asking for the use of loan.

Global Connect Pro, officially does the "shopping" for you to offer you the best rates from banks and financial specialists. Furthermore, their durable associations with banks and investors have enabled them to get their borrowers the absolute best rates in the business. Likewise, working with Global Connect Pro will commonly give you various distinctive credit alternatives, so you can locate the one that is, best for you.

What does Global Connect Pro offer?

  • The free, easy & frictionless application process with minimal required documents.
  • A financial specialist refines & tailors your application for best offers & better terms.
  • Comparison of over 50+ specialized lenders across the US marketplace to find the perfect match to suit your business.
  • Presents multiple offers from the real-time market.
  • Together they compare the offers to help identify, which offer is best for you and your business.
  • Lend you the finance you need in less than 24 hrs, to be used in growing your business.

Types of loans offered by Global Connect Pro.

Global Connect assures you that whatever you need, they have a loan option to help you.

  • Startup Loan
  • SBA Loan
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Short Term Loan
  • Business Term Loan
  • Equipment Financing
  • Business Acquisition Loan
  • Commercial Mortgage
  • Business Credit Card
  • Business Loans For Women
  • Bad Credit Business Loans