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Loan Amount

$5k to $150k
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Loan Term

12 Months
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Time to Funds

1-2 Weeks
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Interest Rate

10% to 15%

Business Credit Card Requirements

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Business should be 2 months old
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Business can reside anywhere in the US.
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Personal credit score must be 680+
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$50k revenue in the past 12 months
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Over 700+ Different Industries Served
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No penalty if paid before

What is a Business Credit Card?

Grow your business faster by paying with a credit card at ease

There are several business credit cards from the country’s biggest credit issuers – Citi, Capital One, American Express, Chase and Wells Fargo. Some of these cards have a 0% introductory rate while others work for companies and small-sized businesses with their credit history.

However, most of the cards are made for small ventures with very good to excellent credit and $10 million or less in annual revenue. But, a business credit card should only be used for business expenses only and the rewards you will earn will be based on the spending categories that are customized for business spending such as: office supplies, internet and cable services and advertising. Also, many business credit cards allow you to build a business credit history.

Who is eligible for?

In order to apply for the small business credit cards for fair credit, your business should be 2 months old, the personal credit score should be 680+, $50k revenue in the past year, over 700+ industries served and no penalty if paid earlier.

How to apply for?

You can simply apply for a credit card through filing the application form available at our website. Enter the important information and will show the cards that best suits your requirements. You can choose the card of your choice and check eligibility for the same. If eligible, you can go ahead with the complete application by furnishing some more details.

How does it benefit your small business?

If you are looking to expand or improve your business functions, here are some smart and unique ways to use business credit cards:

Breathe easy with higher credit limits:

If your business has high monthly expenses or you run a start-up then business credit cards with high credit limits will improve your purchasing power.

Leverage Rewards and Perks:

Most of the small business credit cards offer higher cash back rewards with bonuses on typical business buys such as: internet and cable services, gas, travel, office supplies etc. To save money for your initial business setup, your business credit card will give you some perks to capitalize on no matter what type of business you run.

Improve your business credit:

Just pay your bills on time, use the card within the limit and keep your credit card manageable, all this would help you build your business card responsibly.

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