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Accounting services

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Accounting Services for Small Businesses

As a small-business owner, we understand that you’re often busy delivering the best quality service and products to your customers. We also understand that it must be difficult for you to maintain the finances and accounts of your business. GConnectPro can help you! We provide online accounting and book-keeping services for small businesses across America.

We take care of your essential business services so you can focus on growth! Schedule a call to discuss your business’ unique needs

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services - How can we help?

We provide small-business accounting services covering all the important areas of finance and accounting. Our online accounting services cover financial reporting, tax returns and strategy, CFO services, and more. Scroll down to find a more detailed description of all the accounting and bookkeeping services we provide for small businesses. Our proficient accounting staff can take care of all the needs of your business. Let us take care of the trivial so that you can focus on taking your business to the next level.

Why let us handle your business’ accounting and bookkeeping tasks?

  • Increase Profitability : We can help increase the profit margins of your small business. Good accounting is essential to maximize profit margins!
  • Better Collections : We can help small businesses to increase their collection rates. How? By improving documentation, invoicing, and collection calls!
  • Free up Cash : We help businesses maximize their cash reserves by freeing the tied up cash. You’ll get daily, weekly, or monthly reports to make better cash decisions.
  • Save time : On average, most entrepreneurs spend around 6 hours a week on accounting. We can rid you of 80% of this work, to help you focus on other things!

Why choose GConnectPro?

Our online Accounting services can save you some time, money, and frustration!

  • Best-in-class Service: We will not only take care of your accounts but also help you make decisions based on your unique financial situation. We provide the true value of accounting services.
  • Technology-driven: A lot of accounting firms use outdated technology which results in higher costs to clients. We are technology-driven and so we automate simple tasks, which in turn reduces the cost of service to you.
  • Flexible Contracts: We want to build a lasting relationship with your small business that’s based on trust. We don’t think a long-term contract is necessary for this. So, we offer online accounting services on a monthly basis as well.

Our Services

What can we help you with?

Our accounting services cover all the essential aspects of finance and accounting!

Financial Reporting

We will provide daily, weekly, or monthly financial updates to make sure that you’re updated about your finances. These updates will include:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Trial balance reconciliation
  • Monthly reviews of company performance
  • Custom financial reports
Accounting Services

We can help your business by providing the following accounting services online:

  • Financial statement preparation: reviews and compilations.
  • Income tax preparation and compliance.
  • Income tax planning and consulting.
  • Tax Accounting
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements.
  • Implementation of new accounting software packages.
  • Bill paying services.
  • Business management.
  • Payroll and sales taxes.
  • Accounting assistance.
  • Bookkeeping
  • General ledger review.
  • Financial assessment reports.
  • Business start-up consulting.
  • Budgeting and forecasting.
  • General business consulting.
  • Employee benefits consulting.
CFO Services

Our CFO team offers powerful forecasting, analysis, reporting, and management services like:

  • Cash-Flow Forecasting
  • Budget-to-Actual Reporting
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Labor Cost Management
  • Variable vs. Fixed Expense Reporting
  • Debt Planning and Reduction

Get in touch with us today to benefit from our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services!

Accounting and Bookkeeping made Simple - with GConnectPro

Our expert accountants use the latest technology to deliver the best accounting and bookkeeping services online. Here's how we provide value to your business:
- We provide financial statements on a timely basis so that you can use it to make more informed decisions
- We’ll maintain your general ledger
- We’ll help reconcile bank statements, credit card statements, loans, and investments
- We can track and analyze accounts payable and accounts receivable activity
- We’ll review your income statement for reasonableness and consistency
- We report your financials to you based on the tax basis of accounting so your books will always match your tax returns

Make time to focus on your business, let our finance professionals take care of all your accounting needs!

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