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Business Loans For Women

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Loan Amount

$5 Million
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Loan Term

1 to 10 Years
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Time to Funds

7 Days
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Interest Rate

6.25% to 15%

Business Loans For Women Requirements

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Business should be 2 years old
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Business can reside anywhere in the US.
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Personal credit score must be 600+
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$120k Revenue in the past 12 months
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Over 700+ Different Industries Served
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No penalty if paid before

What is a Business Loan for Women?

Let Us Help You Make a Smart Business Financing Move

From funding growth efforts to hiring a new workforce, women all across the country need business loans to help their companies succeed and expand faster. At GoConnectPro, we take pride in being the champion of female entrepreneurs and offering business loans for women.

For women entrepreneurs who want to transform their business vision into a reality, working with a lender who understands their needs is of vital importance. Our business loan application process is totally online which makes it faster than applying in the bank. Also, it is unbiased when it comes to approvals. The online loan approval process facilitates us to offer same day loan approvals at full ease.

Who is eligible for?

In order to process secured loans for women to start a small business, we have kept a few eligibility requirements such as: the business should not fall under the excluded list for SBA finance, Trusts, NGOs and charitable firms are not eligible for small business loans, the physical location of your company should not be in the negative location list and an established enterprise that has been in operations for more than 6 months.

How to apply for?

There is a simple and smooth process for applying small business loans for minority women. First submit and enter your personal, business and financial information to avail business loans for women offer. Then, upload the digital copies of your documents in a single step verification process and get an approval on business loan and disbursal within the next 3 working days.

How does it help your business?

Our loan application, approval, verification and disbursal processes are completely based upon your entrepreneurial skills. You can apply with us and get a business loan if the bank refuses to. Also, with a superfast turnaround time of 3 days, you can easily put your business plan into action without having to wait for months.

This quick business financing option makes sure that you do not miss out on any crucial business opportunities that come your way. Our business loan for women helps you retain the control of your business and keep your valuable assets fully safe. Since our loans are unsecured, so you don’t require collateral to apply for the one. You are in full control of your business always. Our business loans for women do not need any kind of security and that gives entrepreneurs a financial vehicle to expand and diversify their business well.

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