Getting business loans for new businesses is a must to ensure the successful launching of your business. However, it is always challenging in the beginning, you need to have great skill and an idea of how you should proceed with your venture successfully by getting the right funding.

For large or ongoing businesses borrowing a business, the loan is likely less challenging compared to a new business in the market. But securing a loan is challenging in itself, as you need to know the right steps and process to carry forward the funding process without making any mistakes or dealing with any hurdles.

So, to make you understand the entire process easily here we are sharing an insider’s guide defining everything from types of business loans to the steps you need to take to prepare a business loan application following easy steps. But before we explain the steps let’s understand:

What is Startup Business Loan? 

A startup business loan is a type of fund that an entrepreneur requires to expand their operations, and purchase inventory to cover their daily expenses. This loan is taken by the entrepreneurs that will be accessible to such businesses that are having no or limited business credit history.

If you are applying for a business loan for the first time then you must be confused about what documents you must be needed, what business loan eligibility you should pass, what business loan documents you will need, and how you can begin the application.

 To deliver all the questions answers, below we are explaining everything in detail: 

Why Do You Need To Get A Business Loan?

Being an entrepreneur it is important for you to get a business loan as it helps your business to grow with ease. Wondering how? Well, whether you plan to introduce a new product into the market, wanted to expand your business, or even purchase new machinery or add new employees, you need to secure enough cash to do so. 

Taking a business loan will act as the cover-up to the initial investment of your business expenses this will directly help you to achieve amazing business growth.

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Taking A Business Loan For A New Business

You might have started your hunt to get the right business loan but before your head toward applying for any business loan.  There is a number of things you should clear off. Things like:

  • The loan amount you need
  • For how long you should need the amount
  • When will the amount be credited to your bank account
  • How much interest rate is implied in the loan amount
  • Is there any need to give a personal guarantee
  • What would be the business loan eligibility and requirements for the business

Asking such questions is important as it will help you analyze what, when and how you be getting the business loan.  Additionally, when you are done brainstorming and have a clear mindset you will be saved from getting scammed by the loan providers who advertise you with the guaranteed loan approval. 

7 Different Startup Business Loan Options You Can Choose From Based on Your Requirements

1. Startup Loan

As its name suggests, a startup business loan is a good option for first-time company owners that require cash to operate their business. This loan is available in multiple forms such as non-profit microloans, credit cards, credit line builders, or even in form of personal loans. These are types of unsecured small business loan that is divided into three different parts:  

  • Credit Line Builders
  • Startup Equipment Financing
  • Business Credit Cards

This type of loan requires a good personal credit score i.e. 680+ to secure the desired business loan. When you consider a startup loan you will get the following benefit:

  • Easy working capital access
  • Credit building tools
  • Construct good credit history 
  • Easy business operation expansion
  • Easy equipment Purchase  
  • Fast coverage for emergency expenses 

2. Merchant Cash Advance 

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) goes best for small businesses that require an extra amount for their business to perform better in their business function. Unlike other loans, a merchant cash advance does not come under the category of a loan. A merchant cash advance is performed by the company that partnered with your credit card processor. Based on that, MCA companies will offer you round-figure cash. In exchange, MCA will imply some percentage on your debit sales or credit card and take repayment from it. 

A merchant cash advance is a great source of immediate cash requirements, especially as a short-term solution. If you are a small business owner and your business debt volume is higher and carries great credit sales at an initial then acquiring merchant cash advance would be easy for you. Whereas, if you are a startup business owner you can secure the amount just by crossing a few barricades of documentation and requirements.  

There are numerous benefits you will get when you consider merchant cash advance at an initial stage:

  • There’s no need to have an amazing credit history
  • Your credit score and business assets will not get affected 
  • You can secure funding for any business need
  • No need to have business loan eligibility
  • Quickly receiving the lump sum amount
  • No set payment amount 

3. Business Credit Card 

A business credit card is generally considered similar to normal cash but can be transacted using a credit card. The card is generally similar to a personal credit card but can be used for business usage. It’s one of the great sources for getting a startup business loan. It offers startup businesses great authority to handle the initial business expenses without any hurdles. 

A 2019 report suggested that it was around 53% of startup businesses who relies on business credit cards for their initial funding (as an external source) which holds down to 21% in the year 2021. 

However, despite such a fall in choice of the business credit card by new business owners which was due to being available as small duration loans. Business credit cards are still a great source for owners who seek business loans for the short term. 

Compared to other startup business loans for new businesses, it will be easier for the new business to crack the business loan eligibility as approval will be made based on your credit score. Accessing your credit score will help the lender to understand your state and whether you will be able to repay the loan or not.  

As businesses are more dynamic in nature and require more funding and spending you can enjoy greater rewards and benefits over time when using a business credit card. But remember some would also charge specified fees for using the same. So, it is suggested to check out whether you be getting fair offers in return or not. 

List of benefits you will get when you take a business credit card:

  • Best way to gain access to better offers and increased financing 
  • Increased business cash flow
  • Highly convenient 
  • Easy qualifying business loan documentation 
  • No inclusion of business and personal expenses 
  • A quick way to boost credit card rating 

4. SBA Loan 

There are majorly ten (10) different types of Small Business Administration (SBA) loans available for business loan requirements. Based on different needs businesses can take any SBA loan passing the requirements criteria. 

The most popular SBA loan is the SBA 7(a) loan which can aid small businesses with loans up to $5 million with 25 years of repayment terms. This loan does not directly offer by SBA but by the SBA lenders that were approved by SBA. This includes community development organizations, banks, and credit unions. 

Although getting an SBA startup loan is not an easy process, it can be boosted based on the amount you have been borrowing. To clear the minimum criteria credit score requirement, you need to score over 680+ FICO and up to 177+ in FICO SBSS credit score to increase your chances for approval. Setting minimum credit scores is totally in hands of SBA lenders who are in power to set minimum credit scores. 

Usually, business owners who are having experience in their working industry are most likely to secure SBA 7 (a) loan or one who aiming to purchase an existing business. Below is the list of some benefits you will get when you take an SBA loan:

  • Better down payment options
  • Can be used for multiple uses
  • Lower interest rates 
  • Best if taken for a long-term loan 
  • Can be taken by different niche businesses 
  • Under SBA 7 (a) you will get different options like – SBA 7(a) CAPLines or SBA 7(a) express loans
  • Flexible rate options available (fixed or variable) 

5. Microloans

If you need a small loan amount then taking a microloan is a great way to secure a startup business loan at an initial stage and also consider the best business loans for new businesses. Microloans are those that are not just business loans by the government but there are numerous trustworthy not-for-profit organizations too which offer the same. NPO such as Women’s Microfinance Initiative are organizations that support women entrepreneurs to secure funding for their new businesses. 

Such microloan lenders help new business owners using a holistic approach to guarantee loan applications, considering the geographic location, the business plan as well as industries and business past credit and success. 

SBA to offer SBA microloans that allow eligible applicants to borrow loans up to $50,000. Usually, microloans are the small amount that goes lower than $50, 000. However, SBA microloans support funding of specified microloan amounts. The requirements go similar to SBA loan criteria i.e. your credit score.

Here we are listing down the benefits you may get when you take a microloan:

  • You need to pay a low-interest rate 
  • Quick Financing
  • No need to make collateral or there would be little collateral 
  • Best way to make a good business credit history 
  • Flexibility to follow guidelines 

6. Short-Term Loans 

As the name suggests short-term business loan is a loan that can be taken into concern when you are in immediate financing need. Short-term loan act as a bridge to cover the gap between cash and business growth. You can consider a short-term loan as a source to get an immediate loan as well as to cover any of your emergency expenses or for your initial business investment. 

When you take a short-term loan you will be able to get the round-figure amount from the loan lender that needs to be repaid on a fixed schedule. The repayment timer maximum of 1 year i.e. 12 months or less than this. However, depending on the lander’s offered flexibility of repayment and required amount it can be extended up to 2 years i.e. 24 months. 

You can borrow short-term loans starting from $5000 which exceeds $500,000 which wholly depends on the lender. The main thing that every borrower should look out for is the interest rates as they tend to be higher compared to other loans. The interest rates vary dispends on the loan amount your borrow which is 8% to 45% or even higher. 

The list of benefits you will get when taking short-term loans:

  • You will get fast funding 
  • Less stressful and is highly predictable 
  • No need for collateral
  • Helps in boosting your credit score
  • Multiple lenders for different funding 

7. Line of Credit 

If you are not into collateral options then choosing the unsecured business line of credit is a great small business start-up loan option. Simply line of credit is a great source if you like to borrow an amount directly not on a lump sum for a particular limit. The line of credit works similarly to a credit card this means you only need to repay what you have withdrawn. The best part is since you have paid interest on the amount you can easily borrow those amounts again.  

The usual rate charged for a business line of credit is lower compared to a business credit card. The APR interest charged on a line of credit usually ranges from 7% and goes to 25%. 

The fact that even though you are unsure about the exact amount you have been required to run your business the business line of credit works great for you. How? When you acquire the line of credit you will become eligible to withdraw the fund that is required to manage your business expense. And the interest you will pay would be implied on the amount you have withdrawn.  

The list of benefits you will get when you choose a business line of credit for your business funding:

  • It helps you in building better business credit 
  • Offers you the flexibility to pay for what you have taken
  • Helps business in improving better business cash flow 
  • Saves fund for a longer tenure 

On a Final Note – Startup Business Loan For New Business

We understand how challenging it is to run a business especially when you are stepping first time into the business world. Besides, finding the right lender and gaining funds is the primary concern that troubles most entrepreneurs, but is not impossible to get a business loan. 

Reading our suggested different types of startup business loans for new businesses will give you a clear vision to determine what type of business loan you needed to be based on your requirements. Don’t be afraid of switching to different lenders until you find an appropriate loan lender that satisfies your business requirements. 

It is important that you must check out to do the research and understand the entire startup business loan application and documentation requirements before you make up your mind for the same. Be mindful and make sure to clarify everything about your business to the lender without hiding anything so you can easily clarify the approval criteria. 

The most important element you should keep in mind even before thinking of a loan application is to be confident and trust in yourself. There are no hard and fast rules for the successful completion of your loan, simply be clear with your goals and manage your documents and you will be all set to clarify the requirements in just one go.