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The team at Global Connect Pro Financials has 30 years of proven track record in Financial Services and brings with it strong experience and advisory capabilities keeping in mind the regulatory framework and the volatility in the current scenario.

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Company overview

Global Connect Pro Financial is an established fintech with extremely high focus on the customer experience. We created our unique lending and capital platform in order to serve small and medium-sized businesses as a trusted and committed partner.
Since 2012, we have been working with businesses to help them secure financing and working capital solutions so they can thrive. But we don’t just focus on funding—we also focus on the experience. The economic reality for banks is that they cannot focus on growth stage or smaller businesses, as it costs banks the same amount of time and resources to process a $50,000 loan as a $1,000,000 loan. Other companies are purely automated and it can be nearly impossible to speak to an actual person. We pay close attention to our customers to make sure they get the dedication and personalized service they deserve. Global Connect Pro Financial is here to help.
Global Connect Pro Financial was founded as Global Soft LLP in August 2014, which began operating as a proprietorship in 2012.
2016 was a breakout year for Global Connect Pro Financial, as it came under umbrella of Global Connect Pro Inc.
In August 2017, Global Soft officially re-branded as Global Connect Pro Financial, financial services arm of Global Connect Pro Inc. , to reflect a growing small business customer base that extended well beyond the retail industry..
Global Connect Pro Financial is continuing as a leader in the alternative funding space, merchant account services and financial accounting space.

How we work

Our culture is built on a highly energetic team of people who are dedicated to entrepreneurialism. This model gives people a chance to make bigger, earlier and more frequent contributions than would be the case in many companies. This is an integral part of our belief that how we work together and develop as people and as an organization is as important as what we produce. Our entrepreneurial spirit infuses everything we do. We aspire to make a difference and succeed because we are different. We bring a customized approach, a fresh insight, an uncommon passion to the world of business lending, merchant account services and financial accounting.

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